Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/28/11

  • I know it's an old joke but I heard that Facebook was shutting down for maintenance February 29-31.  But that's nothing, last year the whole internet was turned off on those days!
  • Yesterday I preached from Leviticus 11-15.  This is what we call the fine art of not saying too much.  Some details are better left un-said in polite company.
  • I went with Mom and Dad to Cummings, Ks for the funeral of an old friend, Jake Roudebush.  I go to a lot of funerals and it just never gets any better –– seeing a family go home without their loved one hurts my heart every time.  Praise God for the certain hope we have in Jesus Christ.
  • We actually sat down and watched the Oscars.  What were we thinking?  James Franco, especially, and Anne Hathaway were really bad as hosts and the show just dragged along at several points, including a 94 year-old Kirk Douglas who presented an award but was so difficult to understand that you wonder why he was allowed up there.  I wasn't able to see most of the movies so I don't have a strong opinion yet on the winners, but I do wish that Restrepo had won for best documentary.
  • My wife took a document off the internet and emailed it to herself as a PDF to show a clerk.  I think that's my new top reason I love her.
  • Poor Charlie Sheen.  You have to be pretty empty inside to be trying that hard to fill it.  These are likely his last days.

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