Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just got a $15 gift card to iTunes for FREE-ish!

Okay, it took me some time to earn it. But I downloaded an app called Shopkick for my phone with which I scan the bar codes of items and check-in via GPS when I'm near a store in order to earn points.  You earn enough points and you get gift cards to stores like Best Buy, Target, Sports Authority, and Apple.  Read more here.

Each day I open the app and check in to the stores near me, especially if I'm out running errands or shopping.  Then when I go to a store that has scan-able items, I scan the bar codes with my phone's camera.  I don't always have time for this but when I do, it's kinda fun, like a scavenger hunt, and I really have discovered a few new products that I never would have paid attention to before.  Thanks to Shopkick, I can tell you exactly where to locate the Planters-brand honey roasted cashews in every gas station in Kansas City!

Shopkick isn't as lucrative here in Kansas City, compared to other cities where sponsoring stores have a device that sends a signal to your phone that gives you lots of points, proof that you were physically in their store.  But even without that perk, I earned that $15 gift card in less than a month.

If you download Shopkick for your iPhone or Android phone, use my referral code for an extra 50 points for both of us.  My code is:  squirrel2482

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