Friday, February 04, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/4/11

  • The Super Bowl is this Sunday!  The church will be open to all at 5pm.  Bring a 2-liter and some snacks!
  • Coolest iPad cover yet, with stealth anti-theft feature!
  • The NFL owners are hinting that they may be willing to negotiate their demand for an 18-game season.  I smell a rat.  18 games (up from 16) is a ridiculously bad idea for the players, who can barely survive the 16 games they play now.  To me, this seems like a negotiating tactic.  The owners throw out a terrible and untenable idea that they know the players will never accept and then "reluctantly" back down from this position as they negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement.  Tricky owners, you can't fool me!
  • I had a brief, 11-hour migraine headache today.  Ergggggghhh.
  • I got my first real scratch on my iPhone screen yesterday.  You can't see it unless the you catch the glare while the screen is off but you can feel it.  That's frustrating; I'm so careful not to drop it or put it my pocket with my keys.  Oh, well.
  • Surprise, surprise.  A recent study found that "questioning revealed that men who do not eat meat were also viewed as less masculine than the others – even by vegetarians."  Previous research had found that vegetarians are seen as pacifist, weight-conscious [i.e. vain], and liberal.  I'm shocked.  The stereotypical effete, metrosexual pantywaist comes off as less manly?  It's hard to believe.
  • Here's 10 great quotes from real-life Madison Avenue advertising man, David Ogilvy.  Profound stuff if you're trying to persuade or sell or even just communicate something.

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