Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/23/11

  • Did you see the crazy guy on Survivor?  If you did, you know exactly who I mean.  Wow, that's television gold right there.
  • Thanks for using my referral code on the Shopkick app.  I've already had three of you get me extra points.
  • The iPad 2 is officially set to be introduced on March 2!
  • I saw a funny t-shirt on sale online.  I'm not sure why, but the thought of pigs being shot out of canons makes me giggle.
  • Is Apple introducing new MacBook Pros tomorrow?  My four and half year old MacBook, is slowly dying.  It's very high mileage and now it's just struggling.  The battery is dead, the keys are falling off, the fan runs too much, and the other day it froze for five minutes because I tried to print.  The poor old thing is just getting worn out.  It's been a great machine and I've put crazy hours on it, but I've been looking for a new machine for a year now; it's finally time to move on.
  • Here's a great article on the myth of the Christian divorce rate.  My only question is how much the stats are skewed by "active" Christians who get divorced and then become "inactive" because of the divorce.  Perhaps it's not so much that active faith protects you as much as divorce leads to inactivity (versus inactivity leading to divorce).  More research would be helpful.  [Thanks, Jim R.]
  • I watched the third episode of "Top Shot" last night; what a great show.  I really enjoy the whole premise of that competition.

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