Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/14/11

  • I have a funeral to officiate tomorrow. *sigh* There's a voice inside my head that says, "clinical detachment" and "hey, it's okay for you to be happy today" …but that's easier said than done. When people are grieving it strikes a melancholy chord in me that I can't just set aside. I can't easily go on with my day and leave these things "at the office." Generally speaking, these things chew me up and spit me out emotionally.
  • For you Dr. Who nerds fans, look what I found.
  • Kansas is #1 in the Coaches' Poll as of today. Texas is second, in spite of their three loses, and Ohio State slipped to third. Pitt and Duke round out the top 5.
  • Happy Valentine's Day.
  • Okay, there are riots in the streets in Iran now. We're going to support this too, right? Because protests in support of democracy is always good, right?
  • I've been having crazy bad sinus headaches lately. That's different than my sore back/neck, go to the chiropractor headaches and the wrong time of year for my allergy headaches. But this stupid cold that everyone has been passing around the last few weeks is lingering in our house.
  • Donald Trump will never be taken seriously as a candidate for President. He was a self-described democrat just a few years ago and has been a donor to various liberal democratic campaigns. That goofball is just a self-promoter. I want to hear from serious candidates.

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