Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Random Thoughts 2/16/11

  • Words with Friends is now available on Android as well as iOS devices; there is a free ad-supported version of the game and paid, commercial-free version.  If you like scrabble, this is a great way to play it with people you know.  My username is Thumper44 and my grandmother's is Grandma AJean.  Dustin is dustinofkc and Shannon is shannongasoline.
  • I watched Top Shot on the History Channel again yesterday.  I really like this show.  The history, the guns, the competitors… it's all really cool.  Kind of like Survivor (which starts again tonight) but with a different crowd (replace the waitresses and aspiring actors with former Marines and cowboys).
  • Yesterday I stopped by the gas station on my way back from the graveside service at the cemetery.  I noticed the gas station clerks out in the parking lot talking to drivers but didn't think much of it.  One of the ladies ran over to my door and said that the electronics in the store were down and they couldn't do business today.  I looked at her in her heavy coat with her face red from the cold wind, "well, try to stay warm out here!"  She looked back at me and said, "Yeah, we've already had the cops called on us.  Somebody saw us out here talking to cars and thought we were prostitutes."   Oh…  I guess I'm ill-informed but do prostitutes usually work the Legends area at noon in a Carhartt jacket, pink snow-boots, and stocking cap?  Who knows, maybe that perfectly describes Kansas prostitution in February but somehow I doubt it.
  • I was wanting to do the "Best Picture Showcase" movie marathon at the local AMC theater that starts this weekend but my plan got derailed when I read the fine print.  You can't choose the movies à la carte.  There's no way we're going to sit through two 12 hour screenings and I don't want to pay for movies I've already seen, so… no movies for me.
  • I'm really proud of Brennan.  I increased his daily required reading and he jumped in with both feet.  Yesterday he must have knocked out 250-300 pages of his Harry Potter book (Order of the Phoenix), which took him several hours through the day.  But he did it, finishing the book, and now is in the process of watching the movie.
  • I can say with some confidence that yesterday's funeral sermon is the first time I've uttered the phrase "honky-tonk" from the pulpit.

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