Friday, May 13, 2011

All Your Favorite Shows Are Canceled

Ok, not all of them are getting canceled, but a lot of television shows are getting the ax this year as networks struggle with competition from other entertainment sources.  The networks officially announce their schedules fall schedules next week, and if it isn't a cheap reality show, a talent competition, or football, it might not be on TV this fall (and we're still not sure about football!).

I lost "Stargate Universe," which I really liked, but Stargate fans and the execs at the Syfy channel seemed to hate it for some reason.  They're not even going to make a movie to wrap up the storyline, which is frustrating.  Also, "The Event" is getting canceled.  We've been watching it and I understand why it's getting pulled: big premise, small payoffs, and some horrible writing/acting.

Strangely, "Chuck," whose poor ratings have gone from bad to worse, is getting renewed for another half-season.  But who can question NBC's judgment?  After all they are giving the green light to Chelsea Handler's new sitcom, "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea." and a 1960's-set "Playboy Club."  Way to keep it classy, NBC.

I suppose network TV's lowest common denominator just keeps getting lower.

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JenHaggerty said...

Parenthood, Big Bang and The Middle are coming back, so I am happy. :)

I hate the ideas of most of the new shows coming out. I just don't get it.