Friday, May 27, 2011

Divorced from Reality?!

I know you shouldn't feed the trolls but I thought this was really asinine.  Here's a comment on Tuesday's post:
"It's nice of our President taking a European vacation (again) while our people suffer back home. He says he'll get to Joplin as early as next Sunday."

How is attending the G8 summit a vacation? Are you really that divorced from reality?

First, thanks for trolling on my personal blog. 

Second, are you really calling me out for having an opinion about my President's trip to Ireland and the UK days before the G8, drinking at an Irish pub and trying to give a speech during "God Save the Queen," while my former hometown had 2000 buildings destroyed, over 1,000 people hurt, and 125+ people killed in the worst tornado in 60 years? 

I know I shouldn't be bothered by your petty comment, but how am I the one divorced from reality?  Are you really so in-the-tank for President Obama that the reality of Joplin's tragedy escaped you?

And don't bother answering; I think my original statement stands as a legitimate expression of my frustration and I had every right to say it.  Just go away quietly.


Jonathan said...

How nice of you to delete my comment.

Thumper said...

I didn't delete anything. I assumed you did out of embarrassment. I have it in an email and will gladly re-post verbatim if you'd like.