Thursday, May 19, 2011

All Your Favorite Shows Are Cancelled, Part 2

This is the week the Fall schedules for the television networks is announced.  Most of the cancellations were announced already, but now we'll see which shows get moved to "death slots," i.e. time slots where no one will watch, thus killing the shows.

"Stargate Universe" - this show is making my list of best shows of the year; not that it matters now.  It's ratings went down hill when it got moved to a different night, i.e. a death slot.
"The Event"  - Who writes this stuff?  C'mon!  This premise could have been TV gold, too.  There's actually a small chance that "the Event" will move to a cable channel or NetFlix but nothing is confirmed yet.
"Outsourced" - This was one of our favorites, which started out with good ratings at 7:30pm but tanked when moved to a death slot at 9:30pm.
"V" - I wanted this one to be good but we didn't even watch the second season.  Blech!
"$#?! My Dad Says" - I like William Shatner but, really, what was CBS thinking?  I just couldn't bring myself to watch this.
"Smallville" - I probably would have liked this show, which lasted 10 seasons, but I never watched it.
America's Most Wanted - Though cancelled, it'll still be around as an occasional 2-hr special.

Also canceled: "Human Target," "The Cape," "Friday Night Lights," Law & Order: LA," "The Paul Reiser Show,""Mr. Sunshine," "No Ordinary Family," and "Caprica."

"Chuck" - is being put to sleep gently.  It has been suffering poor ratings for most of its existence and now the spy-dramedy is only getting a half-order of 13 episodes and moved to Friday where it's audience may not watch it.  That's more courtesy than most shows get.

Several 1-hr dramas are getting moved around so that the reality shows like "American Idol" can run two or three nights per week, while other shows are being held in reserve for when some of these productions inevitably flop.

New Shows I Might Consider Watching:
"Terra Nova" - A sci-fi, dinosaurs, time travel, survival show?  Produced by Steven Speilberg and run by Star Trek's Brannan Braga?  Okay, I'm listening…  Just please don't be preachy and ridiculous.  The moment that someone "connects" with a dinosaur and it "understands" them well enough to go trample a bad guy who shoots guns and pollutes… I'm getting off this ride.
"Alcatraz" - Interesting premise… dangerous criminals disappear from Alcatraz 50+ years ago and begin to reappear today… hmmm.  Sounds like a sci-fi conspiracy theory crime drama. 
"Falling Skies" -  Is this what "V" should have been?  It starts in June.

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