Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump is Out!

Thank the Lord, Donald Trump isn't muddying the waters anymore by flirting with a presidential run.

There are few people that come off (to me) as more insincere.  He claimed that he relished the chance to have his financials exposed, "so people could see how very successful I am."  But a lot of commentators speculated that he doesn't actually want to be exposed – that he's lost as much money as he's made and the public exposure would destroy his "Midas-touch" mystique that allows him to do business.  In other words, he bluffs, bullies, and blusters investors into giving him money to do business but running for president would have pulled back the curtain on how he operates.

Trump may have had a good sense of what is wrong with our country, financially speaking, but I have zero confidence that he could have navigated the political waters to effect any change.  If Trump could be king for a day, he might fix things, but our constitution requires congress to make laws and treaties and I don't think Trump can play well with others.

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