Monday, May 09, 2011

Random Thoughts 5/9/11

  • The Frenchman who went up a mountain but came down a viral video.
  • Well it turns out that the number of a woman's dress size is completely meaningless.  It never made sense to me to begin with but it turns out that, depending on the brand, a dress size can vary dramatically.  And as the years roll by, the dress size number gets smaller (for vanity's sake) even though the measurements stay the same.  I'm guessing that women do this on purpose, not to make themselves feel better, but to keep us men confused.
  • Gas prices might actually go down slightly this summer but even if they don't, here's some tips so you won't have to ask to see the loan officer at QuikTrip.
  • Yesterday we were sitting on the patio of a restaurant in Lawrence, eating a Mother's Day lunch with the extended family and my mother-in-law gets her iPad 2 out and video conferences with Shannon's sister in El Paso.  She could see and hear us and we could see her.  It was almost like having her there!  Technology is cool.
  • Today's unofficial Not Greener odds of having an NFL season this year is 3:2 for it happening.  I'm feeling optimistic.  Training camp will be ruined, the preseason will be a mess, and we might get something squirrelly, like an 18 game season in 2012, but I think football will happen this fall.
  • I'm doing more reading on Rob Bell's apparent departure from orthodoxy.  None of it's good for those of us who really like him.
  • Only three weeks until our 15th Anniversary!
  • And finally, everyone needs to know SNL's take on Osama:

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