Monday, May 16, 2011

Random Thoughts 5/16/11

  • Is this the next super-soldier or just another great use of our tax money? But consider this: the same technology that enables a soldier to climb a mountain carrying 200 pounds might also allow a paralyzed person to walk.
  • China arrested 49 leaders of an underground church movement. China is routinely listed as the worst country in the world for religious freedom.
  • The Presbyterian Church (USA) has officially removed the requirement that unmarried clergy remain celibate. Why? To support gay ministers of course. Frankly, I thought PCUSA did this years ago.
  • Next Sunday I'm starting a long series covering the Old Testament prophets, especially focusing on the minor prophets. After covering Leviticus earlier this year, I'm trying to hit all the parts of the Bible people never read.
  • Apple posted a job listing recently for a "carrier engineer" to be located in Kansas City. Most people are taking that as proof positive that Sprint is getting the iPhone.
  • This month is also the 10-year anniversary of the Apple's retail stores, which are routinely among the best retail experiences in the country. We're really fortunate to have two locations in KC; they're both neat facilities with great support staff and excellent customer service. I've always been really impressed each time I've visited.
  • Only 5 days left until the rapture (according to false-teacher Harold Camping). I heard about a guy today that spent his life-savings to spread Camping's warnings this week. Poor guy. Part of me wants to think positively – that people might examine their lives and turn to God this week – but I can't help but think of all the poor, disillusioned folks that will be left in the wake of these false teachings. Grrr…
  • Here's a recent picture of my brother and his handsome family. Don't they clean up nice? Dustin has been an active part of our worship team for years now and he has essentially served as our worship minister (with some awesome help from an Elder and other volunteers) for the last two years. I'm thankful for him beyond words.
  • Dustin and family.

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