Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Random Thoughts 5/31/11

  • Tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary.  I couldn't possibly be more in love with that woman. Here's what Shannon wrote on the subject.
  • I'm taking my beautiful bride to the Country Club Plaza tomorrow.  We're eating lunch, window shopping, going to the "theatre" (that's stage not screen) and staying at the Raphael Hotel.
  • Here are the top-10 ways that President Obama has insulted our British allies.  He made a royal fool of himself trying to give a formal toast through the middle of "God Save the Queen."  It was painful to watch.
  • The Hobbit movies are officially: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Dec. 14, 2012) and The Hobbit: There and Back Again (Dec 13, 2013).
  • The World Series of Poker begins today and runs through July 19.  I know that poker was so 2005 but I always watch the WSOP to see the professionals play.  Every time a skilled player wins it advances the argument that texas hold 'em poker is not merely a game of chance but is mostly a game of skill.  In other words, better players win more.  
  • Happy belated Memorial Day.  Make sure you thank veterans and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom every day.
  • Another Medal of Honor will be presented to a living soldier, the second since Vietnam.  Staff Sergeant Leroy Petry lost his right arm in 2008 getting rid of an enemy grenade which could have killed him and his fellow soldiers.  The Ranger will be awarded the Medal of Honor on July 12.

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