Friday, May 06, 2011

Random Thoughts 5/6/11

  • It's military spouse appreciation day! 
  • Here's how to clean your Mac.  If you looked at my iPhone and MacBook Pro, you'd never think that I own a dirty computer.  But the other six people who live in my house use the iMac.  They don't wash their hands, nay, they don't even stop to put down the bag of Cheetos.  They've spilled drinks, sneezed, wiped dirty hands, and dropped crumbs all over, in, and around the iMac.  Oscar the Grouch and that "Pigpen" character from Peanuts have cleaner computers than the ones in my house.  Our "old computer," the kids-only one, actually has crayon markings on the screen.
  • Mother's Day is coming.  Are you ready?  We have a special surprise at church this year.
  • Don't you need to all of the "I'm a Mac. I'm a PC" commercials ever made?  Yup.  Right here.  Ah… good memories.
  • The President has been doing victory laps all week.  He went to Ground Zero, then to Fort Campbell, KY (which to correct the news anchors, is NOT where Navy SEALs come from, it's where the helicopter pilots were from), and he's accepting a lot of credit for a tactical (not a strategic) decision that any American with a pulse could have said yes to.  It wasn't his idea to go after Osama but here he is taking quite a bit of credit for it.  So apparently victory laps are okay but "spiking the football" is not.  I'm guessing that the President has spiked a football about as many times as he's repelled from a helicopter and shot terrorists. 
  • I finished "Anthem" by Ayn Rand today.  It's a good little novella that you can usually download free, like I did from iBooks.  I like science fiction and I think it's fascinating that the author grew up in Soviet Russia.  Rand was a conservative anti-communist, which I like.  She's also an atheist which I'm not thrilled about but her books are really good reads.

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