Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Random Thoughts 5/4/11

  • Whew… I've been sick off and on for the last two weeks and haven't blogged much.  Sorry.  I missed all kinds of breaking news, from the NFL draft to the killing of Osama to Elijah's 7th birthday.   Oh, well.  Fortunately I've found time between doctor visits and sleeping 20 hours a day to play the Pawn Stars game on Facebook.  Truly a valuable use of my time.
  • Shannon and I are making plans to have a day or two away on our anniversary.  June 1 marks 15 years!  We're planning on staying down at the Plaza and going to the theatre.  That's theatre "r-e" with real live actors and a stage, not theater "e-r" with sticky floors and Vin Diesel.
  • We're having barbecue chicken tonight at church.  Yay!  There are certainly worse things to smell all day while working in the office.
  • As for Osama, there's no way Obama could win with Osama.  Kill him, capture him, leave him alone.  Bomb him, shoot him, taser him to death.  Keep the body, bury the body, taxidermy him and have him mounted in the White House lobby.  You can't possibly make everybody happy, especially those who are predisposed against you already.
  • By the way, we're only having regular Wednesday Family Night for two more weeks (May 11 and 18).  After that we'll have our annual cookout on May 25th and then break for summer.
  • Here are 20 expert photography tips.
  • I'm currently digesting a lot of information on preacher and spiritual guru Rob Bell.  Is he a wild-eyed heretic or is he just too cool for that.  I've not read his new book yet, but the early reports sound very disappointing.  I'm sure I'll write more on this soon.  If you have an opinion about Bell, let me know in the comments.

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Tom Moore said...

Here is some interesting discussion re: Hell and Bell on John MacArthur's website: