Friday, June 08, 2007

Em Chamas

Last Friday was our 11th anniversary and we had the opportunity to go to the Em Chamas Brazilian Grill for dinner. It is a fancy, all you can eat, meat-lover's paradise.

Em Chamas is a moderately expensive restaurant which describes its service as "a continuous table side service style called “rodizio” which is controlled by our guests with a specially designed coin on the table. One side signals the gauchos to present the various meats to the table and the other side signals them to stop. If you desire the particular cut of meat presented to you, our gaucho will carve the meat directly on your plate. The guest may have as little or as much of any or all of the different cuts of meat or seafood they desire."

We couldn't have enjoyed it more. The service was unique and enjoyable and the food was outrageously good. I sampled prime rib, two or three kinds of steak, chicken, lamb, fillet mignon, and a few things I couldn't identify.

Thanks so much to our friend Nathaniel B. who made it possible (he works there).

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Thanks for eating at my restaurant!!