Monday, June 18, 2007

Random Thoughts 6/18/07

  • I heard that Pepsi has introduced cucumber soda in Japan. After catching a few episodes of the game shows MXC (Takeshi's Castle) and Ninja Warrior (Sasuke), it somehow makes sense. Japanese culture is just… different.
  • Here's a friend from our church, Justin, who made his way on to the Royals' blog. He and his friends made t-shirts celebrating the team's new draft pick, Mike Moustakas. The shirts have a moose and a taco (get it? moose-tacos? Moustakas?). Way to go Justin!
  • Kansas City's Arena League team, the Brigade, are 10-5 with one game left and the playoffs locked-in. They're actually one of the better teams in the league.
  • A lot of the horror stories people tell about owning beagles is simply not true – Sophie is a dream. Not that we're sleeping much, she naps off and on all day and then is up half the night. It's like having another infant, sans diapers.
  • The Air Force and Army have agreed on a new joint cargo aircraft, a small cargo plane that can land on very short runways. The winning design is the updated C-27J Spartan, sometimes called the "Baby-Herc" because it looks like a shrunken C-130 Hercules. It actually uses systems from the most recent C-130 version and should reduce the need to fly a C-17 or C-130 with only one cargo pallet on board and get that pallet much closer to the troops who need it.

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Anonymous said...

We got a letter from Moose Tacos' mom. She wanted to tell us she got a kick out of our t-shirts and wants to know how to get some for her family. She said she was looking forward to meeting us and attached two local sports pages with her son's autographs on them. We are hoping to go out to the K when her son signs with the Royals and maybe get to meet them while sporting our Moose Tacos shirts. -DaPrato