Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Football Thoughts 6/25/07

  • The Chiefs' running back, Larry Johnson, is perhaps the most likely player in the NFL to holdout. He's in a bad spot when you consider his age (28 - just past prime), his salary ($1.8 million - one fourth of the best RB salary), and his situation (a younger team with less experience and talent). Since the Chiefs just cleared up $7 million by trading Trent Green, I've got a feeling that they'll pay Johnson that money. But with Michael Bennett, rookie Kolby Smith, and NFL Europa MVP Derrick Ross on the roster, I almost hope they don't pay Johnson. As I said earlier, "…the Packers have supposedly offered their 1st and 4th pick [last April] for Larry Johnson with four other teams interested, which would be an excellent move… Why get rid of Johnson, perhaps the best runner in the league? Because the Chiefs are not likely to get their act together while Johnson is still in his prime, especially with a reduced offensive line, while running back may be the easiest position to replace." Invest $7 million somewhere else, this team may need it.
  • Speaking of NFL Europe, which concluded its 16th year Saturday, the rumors are flying fast and furious that the league may fold. That's too bad if it does. Though it's not compelling to watch (99% of the players are complete unknowns), the League is healthy and serves several purposes for the NFL. Attendance is at an all-time high (20,000 per game) and the game is growing in popularity in Germany. Players are developed, coaching internships are offered, while the NFL officials rotate through and get more game experience. It would be a shame if the NFL closes the doors in Europe.
  • Of course maybe the All American Football League will catch on. They're are supposed to start play in the spring of '08 with college graduates playing on a team hosted by a university, with preference given to players from that school. We'll see if this professional league for the college fan actually works out.
  • The KC Brigade arena football team made the playoffs this year with a 10-6 record. They play Saturday in the first round of the playoffs and they're actually getting some discussion on sports talk radio this week. I've really enjoyed the arena league games I've been to and hope that this game catches on with the public.

[Note: NFL Europa was officially disbanded on June 29, 2007]

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