Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sophie's First Afternoon

Our sweet puppy, Sophie, arrived today. Bart and Sarah brought her to our house about 8:30am and after church we came home and have been playing with her all afternoon. She's young enough that she alternates between naps and bouncing off the walls. All of that energy is quickly drained and Sophie slows down and is ready for yet another nap before we know it.

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Jeff E said...

Beagles can be a nightmare to live next to if their owner leaves them outside at night. Our neighbor in Lansing worked nights and we battle him over her howling/barking for 3 years.

This particular Beagle literally barked every 3 seconds at all hours of the night - about drove me insane.

Just an FYI from a neighbor's point of view...I doubt she'll be left outside anyway at night...