Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Thoughts 6/6/07

  • Today is the 63rd anniversary of the D-Day invasions of Normandy, France. My grandfather was in the follow on forces that hit the beaches days later, advanced across France, fought the Battle of the Bulge, and invaded Germany.
  • The Chiefs finally traded their QB, Trent Green, to the Dolphins. As usual, Chiefs' head honcho Carl Peterson made sure the transaction was as drawn out and acrimonious as possible. But he did get the Chiefs a fifth round pick for Green that could be upgraded to a fourth rounder if Green plays a lot. I guess he called the Dolphins' bluff.
  • Have you seen the new iPhones? The ads posted on the website look pretty impressive, it's just a shame that they'll be too expensive for folks (hopeless gadget nerds) like me.
  • I've officially seen the first flattering articles on the Chiefs' young QB Brodie Croyle. I hope he's as good as the experts seem to think, because I was a Trent Green fan (until he got hurt) and was content with Damon Huard last year. But since the Chiefs haven't drafted, groomed, and then started their own QB in over twenty years, it would be nice to see it happen at least once every generation.
  • So what is it with Russia that they think everyone wants to invade them? Napoleon and Hitler each tried it but failed miserably when confronted by the harsh Russian winter. But just as Russia sees that as precedent-setting (Western Europeans keep invading us every hundred years or so), so does everyone else (invade Russia with an army and you'll die a miserable frozen death). I suppose that the Russians figure that if their people are distracted by the "threat" of the U.S. and Europe, they may be distracted from their own failed domestic situations. But I can't imagine that anyone in NATO would actually want to attack Russia… unless they know something about that Global Warming…
  • I just heard that our awesome church softball teams won again last night. I guess they're pretty good!

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