Saturday, June 16, 2007

Random Dog Thoughts 6/16/07

  • Sophie joins our family tomorrow!
  • I can't say enough good things about our friends through whom we've gotten this new dog, Sophie. We couldn't have done this if it weren't for you. Thank you so much.
  • The start up costs for owning a dog are crazy. You have to buy the dog (fortunately we're getting Sophie at a fraction of the normal cost) and then you have to get all of the doggy paraphernalia: collar, leash, tags, crate, dishes, dog food, chew toys, pooper scooper, brush, shampoo, house training stuff, books (for me – Sophie can't read), etc. etc. And that doesn't include all of the vet visits over the next year.
  • We've been told that it'll take a bit to beagle-proof our backyard. Beagles can potentially jump over or dig under almost any fence. We have a six foot fence but going under it is probably pretty easy, so we'll see what can be done.
  • I ran into my cousin and his wife and kids at PetsMart today. Brennan, Tanner, and I were buying an identification tag that had a Jayhawk logo on it and Aaron and Abie, K-State nuts, uh… I mean alumni, immediately objected. In their eyes we were corrupting an innocent puppy. I'm sure many of my K-State and Mizzou friends would agree.
  • Shannon is thrilled to be adding another female to the family. Maybe she's a little too excited. It'll be all I can do to prevent her from dressing Sophie in a pink, sequined tutu.


Anonymous said...

You know they do sell KSU tags, it's not too late!!!! GO CATS!!!! It was good to see you today and good luck with your new addition.

jayrod said...

You corrupted your kids, why not the dog too?


(anonymous, whoever you are, we can be friends)